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Humane Society of Pagosa Springs
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Wolfwood Refuge and Adoption Center is a state licensed non-profit refuge for wolves and wolf/dogs in Ignacio, Colorado. The dedicated people at Wolfwood understand the wolf/dog mixes and have made their life endeavors of understanding, educating and finding permanent homes for these animals, who need very special homes and environments. Their 40 acre property easily accommodates 70 wolf & wolf/dog mixes in spacious enclosures suited to the animals' needs.

King After his owner's untimely 2007 death in the Pagosa area, King, a wolf/dog mix, came to the Humane Society of Pagosa Springs Animal Shelter. King looks more German Shepherd than wolf but has several wolf characteristics, and due to the Humane Society policy of not adopting out wolf/dog mixes, he would not have been able to be leave the Shelter. In the meantime, the owner's family in Phoenix was trying to figure out what to do with King, but in the end decided they couldn't handle King and were actually afraid of his aggressive behavior. King took a LONG time to settle in at the Animal Shelter but won the hearts of the Animal Shelter staff.

Fortunately for King, Wolfwood agreed to take him as a transfer. King was transported to Wolfwood and temporarily placed in an enclosure provided by the Humane Society. On his arrival, the residents "talked" to him and assured him it was an okay place to be. And at one point, they all set up a howl. You can see that he is now a happy Wolfwood resident in the photos below. King's story could have had a sad ending though now he will have a chance at life.

Wolfwood  Wolfwood View
Wolfwood in Ignacio, Colorado

King in Carrier  King in Enclosure  Special Snack for King
King arrives and settles in at Wolfwood

Wolfwood Resident  Wolfwood Resident  Wolfwood Residents
King's fellow Wolfwood residents

11/14/07 Update: Three weeks after King was transferred to Wolfwood, he has been moved to a bigger area and has two female friends across the fence. (And he may even get to meet them through the fence after he is neutered.) King continues to look happy and is settling in nicely, according to Wolfwood.

King in Wolfwood Enclosure  King with Wolfwood Staff
King likes his new home at Wolfwood!

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