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Humane Society of Pagosa Springs
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(Please complete the application and the agreement and click on the "Submit" button at the end to send by email or print out form and mail to the Humane Society of Pagosa Springs, PO Box 2230, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147.)

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Age If you are under 18, this form must be signed by a parent or guardian present at the shelter.
If you are under 16, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while volunteering.

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Check all volunteer opportunities which you are interested in

Special Events such as Adopt-a-thons, Auction for the Animals, Chocolate Auction, etc.
Newsletters, mailings

At the Shelter

Dog Walking
Cat Socializing at shelter
Fostering, on a temporary basis
Dog Training
Transportation, occasionally to nearby areas
Clerical help
Laundry, at the shelter a couple of hours a week
Social Media

At the Thrift Store

Front of store: cashiering, working with customers
Sorting, tagging, restocking
Designing store displays (during holidays), book displays

We also welcome any handy-person help!

PLEASE STOP AT EITHER THE THRIFT STORE (269 Pagosa St., East Hwy. 160, Pagosa Springs, 81147) OR SHELTER (465 Cloman Blvd, Pagosa Springs, 81147) FOR MORE INFORMATION ON OPPORTUNITIES TO VOLUNTEER

Revised 3/9/2015


   This agreement is made between the Humane Society of Pagosa Springs (hereinafter "HSPS") and , a non-paid HSPS volunteer (hereinafter "Volunteer"). This Volunteer Indemnification Agreement results from Volunteer’s agreement to services working on a non-paid basis with the animals at the Humane Society of Pagosa Springs shelter.

   Volunteers working with the shelter animals acknowledge, by signing below, a possible risk of personal injury or death to Volunteer. Such injuries may be, but are not limited to: bites, scratches, tears, trips, falls, infections, diseases, death, emotional distress, or other injuries. Volunteer agrees that HSPS is not liable for any effect, direct or indirect, such as loss of income due to injuries, personal financial loss, the uninsured cost of medical or psychological care due to injuries or other injuries to Volunteer that may result from Volunteer working at the HSPS shelter or at any other location. Volunteer acknowledges and assumes the risk associated with working with HSPS animals and in other HSPS related activities. By signing this Indemnification Agreement, Volunteer hereby agrees and shall forever hold harmless HSPS and any of its officers, directors, employees, other volunteers, agents, or representatives and shall indemnify them from all claims, demands, obligations, actions, causes or action, damages, costs, and expense which may result from Volunteer working with HSPS.

   This agreement shall be binding upon Volunteer’s executors, administrators, personal representatives, heirs, successors and assigns.

   This agreement shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Colorado.

   By signing below, Volunteer represents that he/she has read this Indemnification Agreement, understands it, has the legal capacity to enter into it, and agrees to be bound by its terms.

SO AGREED and signed this day of , 201

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HSPS REPRESENTATIVE: ____________________________________________________ Date_____/_____/_____

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Animal Shelter -
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10am-5pm, Sun. 10am-4pm
Address: 465 Cloman Blvd., PO Box 2230,
               Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 (Map)
Phone: (970)731-4771 FAX: (970)731-5552
E-mail: sheltermanager@humanesociety.biz
Thrift Store -
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9 am-6 pm, Sun. 10 am-5 pm
Address: 279 Pagosa St on Hwy 160, PO Box 2230,
  Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 (Map)
Phone: (970)264-6424 FAX: (970)264-5593
E-mail: hsthriftstore@humanesociety.biz
Administrative Office -
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm
Address: 279 Pagosa St on Hwy 160, PO Box 2230,
  Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 (Map)
Phone: (970)264-5549 FAX: (970)264-5593
E-mail: hsadmin@humanesociety.biz