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Ginger with Family1/21/06 UPDATE: 21 weeks after the deadly storm struck Louisiana, Ginger was reunited with her family, the Neitzschmans. Read her full story.

12/4/05 UPDATE: An adoption event was held in Durango (Main Mall) for Katrina animals. Many of the foster homes have adopted "their" animals and the remainder will be adopted out locally.

Sheba with Family 10/17/05 UPDATE: The first three dogs - Sheba (left picture), Nipsey, and Chad - were reunited over the weekend with their families who had evacuated from Louisiana. Transportation for the dogs' reunion was provided by HSPS volunteers.

9/30/05 UPDATE: A large enthusiastic group of HSPS and other 4CARE volunteers greeted the rescued dogs and cats when they arrived on their Ameristar cargo jet at the Durango Airport at 12:15pm. Each dog was processed by microchipping, checking by one of four vet teams, bathed, photographed, and taken home by their new foster parents. Cats will be processed separately by HSPS. All pet data and pictures will be entered online on this website and Petfinder.com.

Rescue Arrival  Rescue Arrival Walker
As we all know, Hurricane Katrina devastated areas in and around New Orleans. As part of a nationwide effort, the Humane Society of Pagosa Springs will be assisting in the effort to reunite pets with their owners. It is expected that pets from the area will be shipped to the Four Corners Region and will be disbursed to the rescue groups and shelter groups in the Four Corners area.
Due to Hurricane Rita, all charter flights have been cancelled. Thus, transport of the Katrina animals is on hold. Watch this space for more details. We expect to see approximately 100 pets come into Durango. From there, they will be vetted, microchipped, tested for various diseases, and then released to the rescue/shelter groups. We have no idea what kind or how many animals will be coming though we expect that there will be about 70% dogs.
These animals are someone's pets. We hope that this operation will help reunite these animals with their rightful owners. In the Pagosa Springs area, we plan on putting the incoming animals into local foster homes. This is a 4-6 week committment on the part of the foster homes. We hope within that time period that the owners will step forward and claim their pets. The organization is then responsible to help transport those animals back to the owners.

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