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Humane Society of Pagosa Springs
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Chato Heads to His New Home in Michigan

Chato Chato, a HSPS alumni, on his chauffered ride to his furever home. Thanks to volunteers Al & Jodi Miller for the transport and video. Thanks to Rita Trevethan for the extra work and the contact for his furever home!

"Poster Dogs" Find New Home

Betsy & Charlotte It is fitting that sisters Betsy and Charlotte were chosen as the official "poster dogs" for the Homeward Bound Capital Campaign. Their story is a Humane Society classic.

The connection between the Humane Society and these two very special sisters started out when they were mere puppies back in 1999. Shortly after being placed in the Humane Society's care, a wonderful, compassionate woman by the name of Jean Frisbie adopted the pair. At the time, Jean was a typical Pagosan, splitting time between her getaway home in Pagosa Springs and her permanent home in Los Angeles. Betsy and Charlotte and two other dogs were her constant traveling companions.

Not only did Jean adopt these pets, but during her visits to Pagosa, she was also an active volunteer for HSPS. She was well known around the animal shelter for walking the dogs and helping with other volunteer activities such as the annual Auction for the Animals.

As time went by, Jean and her dogs became inseparable and only a catastrophe could ever force this family apart. Unfortunately, it happened when Jean contracted cancer. She fought this terrible disease valiantly for four years with her dogs literally at her side.

As Jean neared the end of her battle with cancer, she was assured by the volunteers and staff of the Humane Society that her dogs would be cared for. Jean passed in 2006 with the peaceful knowledge that her beloved "family members" would be treated well.

Two of Jean's dogs were adopted quickly, but due to the advancing age and shyness of Betsy and Charlotte, finding a new family proved not as easy, and it appeared that the pair might live out their lives in shelter kennels. They became the favorites of the Wednesday morning dog walkers and other volunteers who came to know them.

That brings us to the next chapter in the lives of Betsy and Charlotte. Before occupying the new shelter building, the dogs and cats were housed in temporary quarters, but due to Betsy and Charlotte's special needs, they were placed in a foster home. That created a bond that has now become permanent with their adoption by new "parents", Pat and Carolyn Ullrich, HSPS volunteers, board member, and weekly dog walker.

Jean must certainly be smiling from her station above to see the constant care and attention her pets have received since her passing.

Cookie Finds A Home

Cookie On November 11, 2005 a seven month old female Pit Bull terrier was brought into the shelter by Animal Control. This dog had such a wonderful disposition towards other animals and people, we decided to name her Cookie. Being a Pit Bull and the reputation the breed has, we figured Cookie would be with us for some time.

Almost three months into her stay at the shelter, we got received a call from a young lady inquiring about if we had any Pit Bull dogs. Once we told her about Cookie, she was definitely interested in adopting her. That afternoon she came out to the shelter to meet Cookie. It was love at first sight, and the adoption process was started. As the paperwork was being processed, we explained that due to her breed, there must be a home inspection to ensure us that Cookie would be going to a good and proper home. The potential adopter filled out the appropriate forms, and we scheduled the required home inspection. We arrived at Cookie's new home and were greeted by the resident dog, who adored Cookie at first sight. After completing the home inspection, we left Cookie in very capable and caring hands. We still think about Cookie and the magical quality about her. She is a very special dog and very deserving of the great home she now has.

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