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Dog Training Behavior

Why Does My Dog...?
by John Fisher
Smile, chuckle and laugh out loud as British behaviorist John Fisher recounts dozens of common dog behaviors which present problems for owners. Organized in an A-Z format learn how to identify and solve common and not-so-common problems.

On Talking with Dogs: Calming Signals
by Turid Rugas
Dogs have a language for communication with each other, consisting of a large variety of signals using body, face, ears, tail, sounds, movement and expression. If we study the signals dogs use with each other and use them ourselves, we increase our ability to communicate with our dogs. Most noteworthy are the calming signals, which are used to maintain a healthy social hierarchy and resolve conflict within the pack. If we can carry these skills over to our own interactions with dogs, we can greatly improve our relationships with dogs.

The Culture Clash
by Jean Donaldson
A revolutionary new way of understanding the relationship between humans and domestic dogs. The author's work with her own dogs and those of her clients, combined behaviorists has led her to the realization that dogs probably learn exclusively through conditioning of various types. Understand the role of conditioning on a dog's intelligence & morality; predatory & social behavior; socialization, conflict resolution, fear & aggression; behavior problems & solutions.

New Better Behavior in Dogs
by William Campbell
Understand the causes of negative behavior. Learn how you may be inadvertently creating problems, and how to solve them. Specific instructions for solving irritating problems! Highly recommended for the owner who is attempting to solve problems on his own.

Help! This Animal Is Driving Me Crazy
by Daniel F. Tortora, PhD
Learn how to apply Dr. Tortora's psychological techniques to retrain a wide range of behavioral problems, from selecting the right puppy and raising him, to solving problems such as incessant barking to uncontrollable biting, from claustrophobia in a city apartment to going berserk in a thunderstorm. Achieve the pleasure and peace of mind that a well-adjusted pet gives!

Don't Shoot the Dog
by Karen Pryor
Outlines 8 methods for putting an end to all kinds of undesirable behavior without yelling, threats, force, punishment, guilt trips - or shooting the dog; the 10 laws of shaping behavior through affection training; how to combat your own addictions to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, overeating or whatever; how to deal with such difficult problems as a moody spouse, an impossible teen, or an aged parent; PLUS housetraining the dog, improving your tennis game, keeping the cat off the table, and much, much more!

The Toolbox for Remodeling Your Problem Dog
by Terry Ryan
From one of America's most popular trainers, learn how to use fun and positive methods to solve just about any behavior problem! Understanding your dog, building an appropriate environment, obedience training, and providing leadership will all help. Trainer/behaviorist Terry Ryan gives you the tools to solve specific problems, then provides the expertise to transfer the methods to other problems you may have with your canine companion!

Help for Your Shy Dog: Turning Your Terrified Dog into a Terrific Pet
by Deborah Wood and Amy Aitken
This book is a breath of fresh air for anyone who has lived with a shy dog and been subjected to lots of questionable advice on how to "cure" their pet of its hangups. Makes some great points about handlers who are unknowingly "enablers" to their shy dogs and encourages reading canine body language, understanding pack structure and the benefits of basic training as ways to help your dog overcome its fears.

Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs Kit
by Karen Pryor
Now you can learn how to use operant conditioning to shape behavior in all creatures-humans, dogs, cats, other creatures; then get Karen's Start-Up Kit, which is a great (and inexpensive) introduction to clicker training. The kit includes Clicker Training for Dogs booklet which explains how dolphin training and dog training use the same scientific principles, clicker training instructions for basic obedience, and a clicker. Get Clicking!

How to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks
by Ian Dunbar
No time like the present for training (or re-training) a puppy or adult dog to fit into the human world! Internationally acclaimed vet, behaviorist and trainer Dr. Ian Dunbar leads new and experienced owners through a training program to PREVENT problems "Temperament Training", SOLVE problems "Behavior Training" and BEHAVE "Obedience Training". Dunbar's methods are fun and easy to apply for all family members.

An Owner's Guide to Dog Behavior
by Ian Dunbar
Explains how a dog's perceptions and desires result in its conduct. By understanding what makes your dog tick, you'll learn how to socialize and train your dog to be the companion that you want. Modifying a dog's behavior isn't hard, it's simply a question of reinforcing the behavior that you desire. By using the proven techniques described in this book, you can teach your dog to be the model companion. The better you understand your dog, the better your relationship will be.

How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days
by Shirlee Kalstone
Housebreaking is perhaps THE most important training your dog will get. Do it right from the start whether you have a puppy or adult dog. Use the enlightened, sure-fire techniques detailed and train your dog using it's natural instincts. Step-by-step program for apartment dwellers and home owners, for those at home all day and those who work all day. Hour-by-hour schedules, paper training vs housebreaking, how to cope with lapses and problem dogs, and understanding how your dog thinks to help train! Utilizes crate training as a tool.

Train Your Dog the Lazy Way
by Andrea Arden
Tips on how to train from an armchair, advice on ordering supplies through wholesale catalogs, and how to train a dog to train himself are among the items covered in this new "Lazy Way" guide. You'll discover innovative, one-step methods that will mold your unruly pet into a model of obedience in no time. Also covers such problem behavior as barking, jumping up.

Good Owners, Great Dogs
by Brian Kilcommons
If you only want to buy one book or video on dog training, the Good Owners, Great Dogs may be the choice for you. This great overview and positive approach contains detailed behavior, training and care information, outstanding photos and useful tips to deal with dogs of all ages, purebred or mix! Well organized, understandable and easy to practice training methods in book and video forms. Get both! The book is loaded with photos, the video is one the whole family can use to train together.

Child-Proofing Your Dog
by Brian Kilcommons
A complete guide to preparing your dog for the children in your life-including training an older dog to accept an infant, avoid common toddler/dog problems, selecting the best breed, care and safety rules. An important topic, written by one of our most popular authors, who also wrote Good Owners, Great Dogs. Topics covered include: training an older dog to accept an infant, avoiding common dog/toddler problems, Picking the best breed for a family dog, teaching kids dog care and safety rules, special help for dogphobic children, terrific tricks kids can teach their dog, and preventative training against jumping, snapping, barking and aggressive behavior in the family dog.

Choosing a Dog

The Right Dog for You
by Daniel F. Tortora, PhD
Takes the guesswork out of choosing a dog while leaving in the fun. It will tell you about more than 110 breeds and help you to select a dog compatible with your personality, family, and lifestyle. Choosing a dog can become easy and enjoyable as you learn everything there is to know about the breeds, including: Physical characteristics, food requirements, temperamental characteristics, activity level, training potential, guard-dog ability, popularity, background, and unique qualities of each breed. Fully illustrated, easy-to-read tables, pages of practical advice.

The Chosen Puppy
by Carol Lea Benjamin
Select a shelter puppy and you acquire a loving companion and save a life. Lots of information on training and how to deal with possible problems. One of our best adoption books!

Second Hand Dog
by Carol Lea Benjamin
How to turn a second-hand dog into a first-rate pet! Adopting a dog who has been previously owned or a street-wise stray can mean a crash course in Canine Socialization and Human Interaction 101. Starts out with "How dogs learn", covers being pack leader, what your new dog needs (tangible and intangible!), some basic training, special circumstances (abused, etc.), professional secrets you can use, more! This is a particularly popular book for animal shelters or humane societies to give or sell with newly adopted dogs.


How to Photograph Dogs
by Winter & Churchill
Authors Kerrin Winter & Dale Churchill are a team of professional dog photographers. They will teach you everything you need to create great photos of your dog, from how to produce a handsome portrait to how to get an exacting action shot. Advice on the fundamentals of working with dogs and how to create the vision you want to achieve. Learn how to prepare for a shoot, how to choose the right location and how to use your camera to get stunning results. Excellent!

Training Videos

Clicker Magic
by Karen Pryor
More than 20 actual behavior-shaping sessions, from start to finish. Karen's running commentary explains the skill of pace and timing, and trainers range from total beginners to Karen herself, and include Corally Burmaster, editor of The Clicker Journal and her mule, Ringo. There's also a clicker-trained cat and a fish. Clicker Magic shows what clicker training is all about if you're a beginner, will fill in the gaps if you've been working on your own, will inspire you if you're an experienced instructor or trainer. Includes a free clicker.

Puppy Love: Raise Your Dog the Clicker Way

by Karen Pryor
The gentle, puppy-friendly way to raise a great family dog! Families learn to teach a new puppy where to sleep and play; the right places to "go"; good manners; polite greeting; permitting handling; what's okay to chew; cute, easy tricks; walking on a loose leash; coming when called, more.

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